Art therapy is effective for so many reasons.  The idea of personal expression during a therapeutic experience is inspiring.  The use of media, beyond words, to communicate one’s life experience is especially beautiful.  Wheeler believes that so much of our language can be misinterpreted – and the use of images, as well as discovery of self-expression is invaluable to her both personally, and professionally. 

Self-awareness as a counselor, as well as educating others around accessibility and diversity are a few of Wheeler’s passions within art therapy, as well as personally.  I also explore the concept of being a mental-health professionals who identifies within the mental-health community to challenge stigma, and foster awareness.

Wheeler also has provided Mindfulness exercises into her therapy sessions, creating spaces for clients to be present, during their creative exploration.  She regularly draws from her own challenges in mental health in effort to empower others as unique individuals who are not exclusively their diagnosis.